Find out what kind of slot machine player you are

We invite you to start the week by trying to find out a little more about yourself and especially about your habits in the gaming world. Today, we are therefore going to try to define what type of player you could well be…

What kind of slot machine player are you?Over the course of our investigation on, we have actually managed to define three very specific styles of players, even if in general, slot machine players are all known in the first place for wanting to feel strong sensations due to the game and to always be in search of novelty and innovation.

And it must be admitted that; when we see the growing number of new slot machines released each month in casinos or on online casino sites such as Casino; publishers are doing their best to meet demand. But they also favor interest by always wanting to surprise as many players as possible. And this requires innovations and new features, even if it remains a very difficult task, given that the player profiles are in fact very different from each other.

We will therefore together try to define what type of slot machine player you are; by inviting you to browse the 3 categories that we have identified in this article. We are convinced that you are bound to find yourself in one of these style or portrait of slot machine players!

The Moderate Slot Player

This is a style of player that stays basic, ambitious, yet patient. This person necessarily believes in his lucky star, but remains lucid and therefore with his feet on the ground to manage to control himself and not to go after all the slot machines he comes across, whether in a land-based casino or on an online casino.

This type of slot machine player brings together really patient people who have a specific goal in mind and above all at all times. They therefore do not stop until they have succeeded in achieving their goals and therefore remain particularly focused, determined and prepare to morally cash in on the possibility of small wins at each round or big wins after free games. spins.

But be careful though! Above all, do not believe that these are compulsive gamblers who throw themselves body and soul into the first slot machine that comes their way! The slot machine which will have the honor of being selected by this type of player will on the contrary be carefully and meticulously chosen and will then benefit from its loyalty, this type of player never actually letting go of the slot until the biggest jackpot did not fall. It must be said that some of them are even able to spend entire nights on their favorite slot machine, motivating themselves more than ever by convincing themselves personally that the most generous winning combination is necessarily very close…

It is also among this style of player that we find people who can easily be qualified as professional players. If you manage to withdraw a decent income by playing often, then you are part of this kind of player, but be careful though: bet within your means and be careful not to isolate yourself so as not to fall into the 3rd category of player that you can discover a little further down in our review.

The lone wolf of slotsThe player as compulsive and wild as a lone wolf is a style quite apart and different from the two styles that we are detailing for you today, although it is very close to the first style, namely the determined player who absolutely wants to win. The second style of slot machine player that we invite you to discover today can indeed be akin to a lone wolf. If you are independent and unpredictable and you feel that all online game publishers are afraid of you, then you must belong to this category of players.

We are gaming professionals and therefore know the players particularly well, whether they are having fun in land-based casinos or those having fun on online slot machines. And it is for this very reason that we actually affirm that each of us has already made at least once in our life part of this category.

This player is therefore rather moderate since he has fun from time to time on slot machines, most often just to kill time. This is a rather introverted person, showing calm and wishing to remain isolated for x reasons. She may simply be annoyed by those around her or even play at the casino because it remains an essential and essential way for her to take a step back, just to play without thinking too much and change her mind at the same time.

This is a player who, if he goes through online casinos for example, does not necessarily connect to his player account every day. Winning the jackpot will then be the icing on the cake for him, even if originally this is not his main objective.

But, even if these players are discreet and have a totally opposite behavior from those who form the next category that we will reveal to you, they nevertheless remain the most feared of slot editors because they have truly changing tastes, and therefore do not settle necessarily on only one machine. It is in fact a style of player that remains a mystery for the developers who indeed experience great difficulty in satisfying the desires of these players that nothing in the world seems to be able to hold back.

The player who absolutely wants to win

The third and last style of slot machine player that we invite you to discover actually swears by winning. Indeed, his ultimate objective will then be to win at all costs and he can quite show an incredible perseverance which will then be foolproof to achieve this. It is important to note that knowing when to stop is actually an extremely important quality in this kind of game. All casino players should have it, but we must admit that this is not necessarily the case.

It happens that, sometimes, some players have great difficulty in slowing down and especially in controlling themselves. For example, you may sometimes hear yourself say, “Just 5 more minutes and I’m done.” “. If generally and after this allotted time you are still throwing spins on the slot without intending to stop, it is because you are part of this category of players called persevering, obstinate or in the jargon of the game. …hooks!

But paradoxically, the pleasure of playing will very quickly turn into weariness, and we must admit here that this is in fact not at all a bad thing since it allows you not to fall into a vicious circle. It is important to note here that, if you are part of this type of slot machine player and you are constantly looking for the winnings, but you enjoy yourself less and less over time without being able to control, you must then share your feelings with those close to you.

It is indeed your friends or those around you who can help you discipline yourself or, at worst, help you seek help or a way to quit. But for that, you have to want it and therefore be perfectly honest with yourself. This implies that you must imperatively recognize your faults, but above all your weak point, which already boils down to fighting it effectively.

It is very likely that you have recognized yourself today in one of these categories of slot machine player, even if our classification is not really official and it therefore remains to be taken at the 1st degree. But you should know that it is also very likely that you actually match several profiles at the same time. But this then necessarily varies according to the time of year and perhaps also according to the bonuses offered by the online sites…